iPhone, iPod, Blackberry Case

After my hubby and I bought our iPhones, I realized that we needed some sort of protective case for them so I made a padded case that fits the phone snugly . The outer fabric is 100% cotton and the inner lining is luxurious Lambskin Sherpa fleece. There is an extra layer of padded fleece interlining between the case and lining. I added an outer pocket on the front of the case to store my ear buds, bank/credit cards, etc. The flap keeps the device in place and extends to the outside of the pocket to protect it's contents as well. The flap stays put with a Velcro closure. I put a Brass D-Ring/Swivel Hook onto the side so that we can clip it on to, well...just about anything. I love this case. My device is protected and every time I take it out of the case the Lambskin fleece polishes it. Will also fit iPod Touch, Blackberry and Palm devices.

iPhone cases are now available to purchase online in my Etsy shop, Sharondipity Designs

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